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We are chartered accountants, based in Dorset providing a professional friendly service that will be tailored to your unique requirements, whether you’re a private individual, a sole trader or the representative of a large corporation.

We have been in the business for over 30 years, which sets us apart from other companies offering similar services. Since 1984 we have built up a loyal client base that consists of customers who work in a highly diverse range of industries.

We’ve enjoyed great longevity when it comes to our client base. Not only that, many customers have later gone on to recommend our financial services to people they know. We get a significant amount of new work through referrals, which inspires us to maintain our unique approach.

All of our services will be tailored to suit you and your specific requirements. With our financial solutions, you can be proactive, tax-efficient and tax compliant. We won’t bore you with sophisticated jargon and complicated numbers.

Instead, you will receive a personalised service where everything is explained in a way that’s easy to interpret. We review our services on a regular basis, so if your business sees significant growth, we will adapt our solutions to match your evolving requirements.

Our free mobile app will keep you up to date with current financial news and provide you with exciting tax and compliance tools:

  • Secure portal access
  • Scan and save your receipts
  • GPS record of your business mileage
  • Powerful time-saving calculations
  • Tax information and updates
  • Important dates and reminders
  • Cloud accounting

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    Over 30 years experience

    At Pugsley Revill, we make it our business to know your business. What this means for our customers is a highly personalised approach that takes the complications out of accountancy. You won’t have to worry about piling paperwork and deadlines when you enlist our expertise!

    We understand that no two requirements are ever the same, especially as we work with self-employed individuals as well as large established companies.

    You can always rely on us to be prompt when replying to your requests and accessible at all times. We believe that getting to know each client on a personal level enables us to offer solutions that are far more dynamic than a traditional approach would allow.

    So whether you are a budding entrepreneur or the owner of a company looking to change accountants, Pugsley Revill would love to hear from you to discuss your requirements further. We’d be delighted to help you create a long term plan that will enable you to meet all of your financial objectives, whatever they may be.

    We learn everything we can about your business in order to create a completely bespoke package that takes your company’s unique profile into account. Call us today on 01305 267353 to find out more about what we can do for you!

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